Vetiver Smoke - Essential Oil Candle


The scent of fresh earth, cradling a glowing ember...A fragrant smoke drifting through fields of tall, golden grass. Smokey, sweet notes of Vetiver find harmony with the grace of a powdery, aged Patchouli…as a single smoldering Clove adds a layer of warmth and comfort to this grounding aroma.

Notes: Vetiver  /  Patchouli  /  Clove

8 ounces / 50 hour burn time

Ingredients: 100% Natural American-Grown Soy Wax, Essential Oils, 100% Cotton Wick. All glassware is made domestically in the United States.

Care: Always trim your wick prior to burning, and never leave burning candles unattended.

Hand-poured in Coventry, Rhode Island by MIZU.

A note from the Maker: "MIZU candles are designed to be like a fragrant breeze. Often described as “strong enough but not overpowering”, our 100% natural, true-to-nature aromas linger in the air.  Inspired by the natural world & embodying moments in time."