French Broad Chocolate

Asheville Grown Chocolate Collection


The maker says:

”These truffles and caramels are both a love letter to our mountain town and a celebration of the farmers and producers that comprise our bountiful foodshed. From raspberries to lavender to honey, each of these handcrafted confections features locally sourced ingredients combined with our bean-to-bar chocolate.  Enjoy in good health!”

The Asheville Grown Collection includes:

Fresh Raspberry – a purée of local red raspberries in a fruit-forward dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate.
Chocolate Habanero – locally grown chocolate habañero pepper-infused dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate.
Strawberry Balsamic – purée of local strawberries and organic balsamic vinegar in a dark chocolate and coconut cream ganache. Sprinkled with cacao nibs.
Lavender Honey – local lavender & wildflower honey dark chocolate ganache, in milk chocolate shell swirled with natural lavender color.
Sorghum Caramel – a milk chocolate gem filled with sweet liquid caramel made with locally grown sorghum molasses.
Salted Honey Caramel – local wildflower honey with grass-fed cream & butter, covered in dark chocolate and sea salt. 
All of our caramels and truffles are completely free of corn syrup.
Allergy Notice: All of our products are crafted with love and care on shared equipment and may contain traces of: milk, peanuts, eggs, corn, tree nuts, wheat and soy.
Made in Asheville, North Carolina by French Broad Chocolates.