Oracle Organic Olive Oil


Delight in the essence of Greece with Oracle Olive Oil, meticulously crafted from 100% organic Koroneiki olives grown on 3,000 year-old trees by a collective of sustainable farms along the Peloponnese's sun-kissed shores, including founder Cristiana Sadigianis' cherished ancestral land.

Oracle boasts an impressive harmony of flavors, thanks to the Koroneiki olives' high concentration of polyphenols and oleocanthal, resulting in a gentle 0.26% acidity. This versatile olive oil is your ideal companion for everyday culinary pursuits, and is especially delicious on salads and for dipping warm crusty bread. 

The UV protective bottle was designed by artist Alejandro Cardenas, who took inspiration from Cycladic sculpture and the Oracle of Delphi. 

Ingredients: 100% organic Koroneiki olives from Laconia, Greece.

Flavor Profile: A harmonious blend of fruity, peppery, and nutty notes, with subtle hints of fresh grass, artichokes, and green apple.