Moon Mylk - Single Soak


A luxurious, milky soak with notes of sandalwood and lavender to nourish your body and heart while soaking the evening away.

This soak includes a skin soothing blend of colloidal oats and epsom salt. Colloidal oats (oats including the bran) are a clinically proven-centuries-old topical treatment for nourishing dry skin, rashes, and eczema — while epsom salts, lavender, and sandalwood help prepare you for deep relaxation and sleep.  

Ingredients: Colloidal Oat Kernel Flour 1, Epsom Salt, Avocado Oil 1,2, Lavender Oil 1, Sandalwood Oil 1 (1. Certified Organic 2. Certified Fair Trade)

Packaging is 100% compostable, the pouch is printed with vegetable ink and the inner bag is made of renewable wood pulp.

100% organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from sulfates, fragrance oil, and parabens.