Monarch - Botanical Perfume Oil


A 100% natural, vegan fragrance for all genders.

An ode to the season of the Monarch. The aroma of dusty wooden shelves and faded silk rugs...the low amber sunlight filtering through antique windows, resting on a cracked leather armchair. Wild citrus and dry spice unfold into a harmony of vermilion florals, mellowed with the depth of aged patchouli and fossilized amber resins. 

Notes: Top - Wild Orange, Coriander  /  Heart - Carnation, Golden Magnolia  /  Base - Aged Patchouli, Myrrh, Fossilized Amber Resin

5ml / Stainless Steel Roller Applicator

IngredientsPure, Sustainably-harvested Organic Essential Oils, USDA Organic Jojoba Oil.

Care: Store out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. If pregnant or nursing please consult your doctor before using essential oils.

Handmade in Coventry, Rhode Island by MIZU.

Due to the personal nature of their use and preference, fragrance is FINAL SALE.