Humble Pie


Cake Zine is a hedonistic exploration of history, pop culture, literature, and art through dessert. The third issue, Humble Pie, features broad interpretations of humiliation and piping hot servings of contrition. Over ninety-six pages of recipes, essays, illustrations, poems, fiction, and photographs, including:

  • A meditation on the limits of recipe-writing by Kate Lebo
  • An investigation into pie as a metaphor for rejection on Love Island by Olivia Crandall
  • A menu of pies to to humble you at any occasion from comedian Josh Gondelman
  • A quixotic quest to demystify the all-American origins of “Japanese Fruit Pie” by Elyse Inamine
  • Ha's Đặc Biệt's recipe for their pop-up mainstay: flaky, savory pâté chaud
  • Desperation pies—inspired by historic recipes popularized in times of scarcity—by Camilla Wynne, Stacey Mei Yan Fong, Kate Ray, Young Cho, and Samuel Grunebaum
  • A cautionary fable exploring the limitations of leniency from novelist Isle McElroy
  • Christina Chaey’s recipe for a Beatrix Potter-inspired meat pie encased in flaky, cheddar pastry
  • Plus an incomplete but illustrious history of pieing, an interview with a DIY venue staying alive by serving pie to punks, an ode to the deep-fried gas station hand pie, and much more.

Humble Pie contributors include: Adam Dalva, Adam Friedlander, Alex Watson, Amanda Larson, Camilla Wynne, Christina Chaey, Clare Crespo, Claud Li, Elena Foraker, Elyse Inamine, Emma Fuchs, Gabriela Gomez-Misserian, Ha’s Đặc Biệt, Isle McElroy, Josh Gondelman, Julia Rose, Julia Sonenshein, Kate Lebo, Kate Ray, Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, Lucy Haslam, Max Graenitz, Olivia Crandall, Pearl Jones, Rachelle Hall, Rhe Civitello, Rossi Anastopoulo, Ruth Deaton, Samuel Grunebaum, Sarah Perry, Stacey Mei, Yan Fong, Taia Leituala, Tara Kenny, Tete Desmoures, Vrinda Jagota, Young Cho.

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Designer and Art Director - Noah Emrich
Contributing Editors - Jesse Sparks, Amanda Shapiro, Nicolaia Rips, Forsyth Harmon, Angeline Rodriguez
Copy Editors - Alexis Nowicki, Adrienne Murr
Social Media Editor - Dominique A. Evans
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