Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar


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Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

For theirย milk chocolate bar with Giffoni Round Hazelnut, Lavoratti chose the Grimaldi company, in Campania, which produces and transforms Giffoni's Round Hazelnut, following the rhythms of nature and combining artisanal knowledge with innovation.

Ingredients: Cocoa 36%, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, full fat powder milk, Hazelnut paste (13%), emulsifier (non-OGM soy lethicin)

About the Maker: The Lavoratti company was established in 1938 in Varazze, on the western Ligurian coast in Italy. It started its activities on beaches, selling sweets and drinks from a wooden box to beachgoers. A few years later, Liberto Lavoratti opened a shop in the historic centre of town, and the chocolate adventure started. In 2020, Fabio Fazio and Davide Petrini acquire the Lavoratti brand and start its relaunch with the utmost care for the terroir and its traditions. 2021 saw the arrival of Corrado Assenza โ€“ the great pastry chef from Noto (Sicily) and internationally-acclaimed flavour-smith, careful selector of ingredients and a champion of absolute quality. In 2022, Lavoratti 1938 was reborn as a creative laboratory to experiment with new paths and to write new stories through chocolate.