Edible Flowerfetti Sprinkles


Edible flowers are nature's sprinkles! Fresh from Loria's organic home garden, as well as her local organic farms, each flower is hand picked, dried, and separated.

Flowerfetti is a perfect natural and fun way to add a colorful sprinkle to cakes, cheese, soups, dips, salads, and ice cream. We also recommend infusing into hot water and drinking as a tea.

Each 4oz glass jar contains 1/2 cup of packed edible flowers and herbs.

These edible flower sprinkles will stay vibrant for up to 1 year as long as you keep them in their sealed jar and out of direct sunlight. Please note that bright colors may fade with time as this product does not contain any preservatives.

Ingredients: Organically grown edible flowers and herbs.  

Made by Loria Stern, in Los Angeles, California.