Eat Your Flowers, A Cookbook by Loria Stern

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Eat Your Flowers celebrates how to transform botanical ingredients — root to stem — into recipes that are a pleasure to make, eat, and share.

The book features over 150 original recipes to inspire creativity, bring nature into the kitchen, to play with colors and flavors, and to make every dish beautiful. The author, Loria Stern, incorporates natural plant dusts, pressed and fresh blooms, and vibrant herbs and veggies into her cooking for whimsical, gorgeous, and nourishing meals. In this endlessly creative book, she invites you to take advantage of this edible bounty to create your own, providing both her own recipes (and her favorite variations) and the foundational knowledge on how to incorporate botanicals into any dish.

The book is a 9" x 11" x 1" with a cardboard bound book cover and glossy pages of photography featuring process and finished dishes all artfully captured at Loria's home in Los Angeles, California.