Hinoki - Double-Wall Candle


Notes of Cedar, Char, and Vetiver.

Inspired by Chamaecyparis obtusa, also known as Hinoki Cypress. The Hinoki series combines earthy, elemental notes with a soothing, smokey finish. Feels like: a crisp afternoon camping by the fire.

Each candle is 6 ounces of organic coconut wax, essential and fragrance oils, with a cotton wick. After cleaning, the double-wall vessel makes for a beautiful addition to your drinking glass collection.

40-45 hour burn / 3.5" H x 3" D

Made in St. Augustine, Florida by YIELD.

Tips on vessel cleaning from the maker: " Once the candle wax and vessel are completely cooled, take a spoon to scoop out remaining wax and wick. If you are having difficulty scooping, take a bit of hot water to soften wax! Once removed, take paper towel to wipe clean the remaining wax and debris off the glass. Now, wash with soap and water, and voila! It's ready to be used for that cocktail recipe you've been wanting to make."