Blossom Facial Steam

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A relaxing ritual to renew and refresh. Roses, chamomile, comfrey, yarrow, linden, elderflowers, helichrysum, tulsi, and rose geranium were carefully chosen for their skin-loving properties, and their beautiful scents.

To use: bring water to a simmer, remove from heat, add 1-2 tbsp. botanical blend and stir gently. Make a tent with a towel over the steaming water and steam for 5-7 minutes, breathing deeply.

Take care while steaming. The air within the tent should be gently warm, never too hot for comfort. Always use caution around hot liquids.

Ingredients: rose petals*, chamomile blossoms*, comfrey leaf*, tulsi*, wildcrafted yarrow, linden*, elderflower*, helichrysum*, rose geranium* (organic*)

1 oz facial steam blend - enough for 10-12 steams - in a violet glass jar.

For external use only. 

Made in New York City, New York by Marble & Milkweed.