Small Petal Plate - Almond

$78.00 $98.00

These plates are entirely made by hand in NYC, just down the street from Sophie Lou Jacobsen's Red Hook studio. Using a process called slumping, plates are first hand-shaped in ceramic. After, the ceramic form is cast in plaster, and soda-lima glass discs are heated in a kiln to be slumped over the mold and cooled into a final form.

Petal plates can be used on their own as serving dishes or combined into a set of dinner plates. We love them as beautiful decorative catch all bowls for jewelry, etc.

7.5" round  /  Hand wash only

Each plate is unique and slight irregularities on the surface may occur. This is a natural result of the production process, and makes your one-of-a-kind!
About the Artist: Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a French-American designer currently based in New York City. She established her studio in 2019, with an initial focus on objects of everyday use, mostly using glass as a medium and exploring the interaction between object and user. Her work stems from the idea that objects have an innate power to enhance their user's mood through form and function. She focuses on simple objects and rituals, to see how she can alter these in ways that are surprising, delightful, and elevate the user experience. She believes that the objects which we surround ourselves with can and should be imbued with a certain poetry, creating a relationship between humans and objects built on mutual respect.