Emperor's Flower Tea


Tasting Notes - Noyaux, Jasmine, Pine Nut

Emperor’s Flower is produced in Daqiulun, Fumei Village, Anxi County. During the Qing Dynasty this varietal gained popularity because of its rapid productivity. The leaves could be picked after just 2 years of growth (most tea plants don’t mature for 6-8 years). The varietal quickly spread throughout the region because of its high quality and yield. 

Emperor’s Flower is a semi-green oolong that is withered, sun-dried, then pan-fired and rolled into its curly shape. The drying process is completed with a final blast of hot air. The twisted and rolled leaves are jade green with white downy hairs. During pan-firing, the rolled leaves are roasted just enough for the outer leaves to darken, while the inner leaf maintains its verdant green. This produces a sweet, floral flavor and rich, silky mouthfeel.

Net Wt 57g / 19 Servings

Made in Fujian Province, China.

Blended and packaged in California, by Leaves & Flowers.