Chest Oil


For your personal terrain.

A ritualistic oil for self exploration without judgement, and with a curious sense of self inquiry - use this healing ally as a sensorial guide to note your unique shapes, colors, and landscapes.

Ingredients: Organic High Oleic Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Yarrow

Lovingly crafted with intention and care by Future Perfect in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Ritual - 

1. Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep, slow breaths. Gently roll your shoulders backwards as your shoulder blades sink down your spine in relaxation. As you slowly begin to relax with these breaths, take a moment to thank yourself for showing up today for this ritualistic exploration of self. Let your body know that you are open to listening for it's many cues, and that you are receptive to it's divine knowledge. And in agreement for showing up today, you vow to take extra care of your body in return. You will provide it with the water and food and rest and care that it needs and deserves. State out loud, if you feel called, your intention for this ritual and for your body and for your day.

2. Now open your eyes and begin with the visual examination of your terrestrial body. Without judgement, and with a curious eye, note your shapes, your colors, your landscapes. Breathe.

3. When you are ready, raise your left arm over your head. Using the flat surface of your first three fingers of your right hand, begin to explore your left chest area. You may want to begin with a large circle that gets smaller as you move closer to your areola. Or you may want to explore in up and down lines across the entire left chest. Note the different neighborhoods of your chest. Is it thicker and more dense in one area, and more grainy, like a sandy pebble beach in another? Explore further. There is so much to discover. How does the area in your underarm neighborhood feel? How does your chest feel all the way to your clavicle neighborhood? Note not only your physical sensations, but also exploring directly above your heart chakra. What is your heart saying to you? We aren't judging here. We aren't coming to conclusions or making assumptions about our bodies with these notes. We are only observers here in this moment. We are open and receptive students to our body teacher.

4. When you have fully explored your left side, drop your left arm and breathe. There is no need to rush any part of this today. Remind yourself this and give your self some breaths to pause.

5. When you are ready, raise your right arm and using the flat surface of your first three fingers on your left hand, begin to explore your right chest area including your underarm and clavicle and heart chakra neighborhoods. Making note again of all your unique neighborhoods, surfaces and textures. When you are done, drop your arms to a restful position.

6. Close your eyes again, and take three more slow breaths. As you inhale, visualize and feel your chest filling up with a beautiful, bright light - may the color of this light be to your choosing. Beginning your day this way allows you to enter your day with an open, honest and receptive heart. Breathe out and visualize your heart releasing any judgements that may have come up in your exploration today. We often carry the weight of daily life and the world here in our heart chakra, so it often helpful to visualize any weight you may feel detaching and floating away as you breath out. Then raise your hands one last time and place them on your chest to say ((( thank you, dear self. )))

7. Drink water to ground yourself. We hope you go forward with your day with peace in your body and love in your heart.

*** We understand that this kind of exploration is vulnerable. And it may feel extra vulnerable for those that have been diagnosed with cancer, have had a loved one diagnosed, or those struggling to love the bodies they inhabit. If you are struggling with anxiety or worry here in this space, you are not alone. Please reach out to others in your community for support, and speak with a mental health professional if you need immediate support.