Expression through Fragrance

Expression through Fragrance

 Image Source: Na Nin

The other night I opened my front door to welcome a friend. "It's so good to see you," I said as I gave her a big hug. Her response both surprised and delighted me...

"You smell intoxicating," she said, before I could even free her from my embrace.

I've never really given much thought to how I smell. My benchmark for personal fragrance up to this point has been "as long as I don't smell bad". All of that has changed now and I think owe it to those three little words (and the pure joy that everyone seems to be immediately infected with when they walk in the store and say "it smells sooooo good in here.")


 Image Source: Na Nin


I decided to do some investigating to see what fragrance means to the people surrounding me, and find out what their go-to scents are.



What kind of fragrances are you attracted to?

AG: "I like musky fragrances over floral. Aboukir by Maison Louis Marie does it for me -- it's the perfect balance. It has floral notes but it's not too sweet.


What do you look for in a fragrance?

AG: "I want it to be intriguing, and long-lasting."

Marie du Petit Thouars, founder and CEO of Maison Louis Marie, grew up experimenting with fragrance in her mother's greenhouse in Belgium. She launched her line of luxury candles, perfumes and skincare in 2008. What is fascinating is that the rich botanical history that her company is founded on runs deep (about 200 years to be exact). 

In 1792, Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was exiled to Madagascar, La Reunion and the Mauritius islands during the French Revolution. Over the next 10 years he would go on to discover more than 2,000 plant specimens. Eventually, he returned to France as a hero and became a member of Académie des Sciences.

The fragrances of Maison Louis Marie are inspired by the flora cataloged by her ancestor. 

(What's even more special? You can take home a little piece of botanical history with your purchase. Louis' original sketches can be seen on some of the product packaging.)



Is fragrance a part of any of your rituals?

JA: "I wear the same perfume my grandmother wore everyday single day." 

Image Source: P.F Candle Co.

Any favorite fragrances in the shop right now?

JA: "Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie smells just like my school. It's crazy, I'm always wondering what this scent is every-time I walk in the building. I like this Sandalwood Rose incense by P.F Candle Co. too!"

P.F Candle Co. was built on the spirit of grit, passion and DIY culture. Founder Kristen Pumphrey lost her job at a publishing company when the 2008 recession hit. She hit the road and moved to Austin with the hopes of paying the bills making things by hand. Their signature amber jar collection was launched in 2012, and the rest is history!



For the Home

Blanket your space with sweet notes of pine, mint, lemon and a woody aroma derived from Palo Santo and Cedarwood essential oils.
Soft, subtle wood, without leaning too much toward campfire. Light one just before a shower, let it mingle with the steam, close your eyes and be transported to the most luxurious Japanese sauna. 
This subtle sandalwood incense makes me reminiscent for a time I can't quite put my finger on...and I love it.

 For the Body

Vanilla and lavender blend with coconut and safflower oils in this fresh, lavender perfume oil.
Notes of fig, iris, cream, tonic, tree bark, walnut bitters, and orchard dust combine to make one warm and lovely unisex fragrance.
Earthy moss blends perfectly with violet leaf and blue cypress in this unique, and unisex, oil.

Fragrance is an extension of personal style. Through it we can invite an air of mystery, connect ourselves to people and places, or feel like home no matter where we are.

Whether you're looking for a new signature scent, or wanting to add an extra layer of cozy to your home through fragrance, visit us in store to explore more.