Mood: Currents

Mood: Currents

By Shannon
In the face of adversity it can be hard to know what to do. Sometimes we may want to stand still. Peace can live in this stillness, but only for a while. While resting in it, we have the time to gather our thoughts, and sob with anguish; to reflect on the facts, and weep with rage. The vulnerability that lives in this moment of peace, beckons and nurtures us. Here, we prepare ourselves for the fight ahead.

If life is an ocean, the decisions we are forced to make while living are the currents that push, pull, give and take. Trust in the the stillness that comes before the tide ebbs and flows, and have faith in your resiliency to know that you can adapt and overcome the challenges that may be presented wherever it carries you.


 Listen to the Currents Playlist 

1. Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience - Parquet Courts 

2. raingurl - Yaeji

3. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

4. Biking (Solo) - Frank Ocean

5. Diving Woman - Japanese Breakfast

6. Le lac d'or (feat. Melody's Echo Chamber) - Moodoid

7. iT - Christine and the Queens

8. Yes I'm Changing - Tame Impala

9. Rise - Solange