Pants Off, Mask On

Pants Off, Mask On


Let's take a vote (after all, it is our civic duty) ! All in favor of Saturday being officially proclaimed the best day of the week, say "I". All opposed, I'm sorry but your opinion is just wrong.

This Saturday afternoon I dedicated my time to self care and jumped into recovery mode with respect to all of the past week's Halloween shenanigans. I wanted to give my skin extra pampering as a special thank you for putting up with all of the fake blood and makeup that I applied for the sake of a sick costume (that actually turned out as just "ok"). 

Keep reading for and a mini review of the products used and other musings <3

2:10 p.m

I shower with the Even Keel Terrazo 5 Clay Bar. I picked it up recently, when I ran out of my usual bar, and it does not disappoint. After showering my skin feels like I wish it would all the time - dirt free (thanks to the clay's purifying properties) with balanced moisture ( shout out to essential oils ).

2:13 p.m

I try to dry brush as often as I can, especially during the colder months when my skin tends to get dry and flaky quickly. This method of exfoliation is a great way to support circulation, and help the products you're putting on absorb better. The biggest benefit I get from it is feeling super energized afterwards.


2:23 p.m

"Alexa, play "BBYGRL" by Nitty Scott. Listening to music while I get ready to mask always makes everything a bit more fun. I have two masks to choose from, the French Lavender Face Glow Mask or the Rose is a Rose Face Glow Mask, both by Wild Honey Botanicals. I decide to go with the rose. Its made up of fine sea salt, organic lucuma powder, rose absolute morocco, rose geranium, rose hip oil and bio-dynamic honey. I pour the packet in my hand and add some warm water to create a thin paste.


2:28 p.m

It should go without saying that I don't have pants on. I did say today is all about self care, didn't I?? I walk to the kitchen and inhale 2 slices of leftover pizza from the night before because life's all about balance and today, pants are my enemy. While the mask is at work, I flip through the most recent issue of ART PAPERS.



2:32 p.m

I rinse it off after about 4 minutes and finish with a couple drops of Herbivore Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil. The scent induces nostalgia for the imaginary Italian Grandmother I never had. Afterwards my skin feels like I just drank a thousand glasses of water and my complexion has that "lit from within" look. I feel ready for anything...maybe I'll go for a hike, or try a recipe from the cookbook my aunt got me last Christmas. Or maybe I'll just take a nap, because it's Saturday and I can.